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Welcome to TCWRC Building contractors Pomona where we can make all your house renovation dreams become a reality. Our contractors are qualified and insured and have years of knowledge in the renovating industry. Whether you need services for kitchen renovation or bathroom restoration, the licensed general contractors have the expertise to perform these tasks. Perhaps you could want to add an additional room to your house; here at Contractors Pomona home additions are one of our selective services. House bolting is something that every homeowner should have on their house due to earthquakes and other home shifting catastrophes that might occur.

We are a business that creates and renovates houses and workplaces with a solid reputation of quality performance and tremendous collective capabilities. Certain repair and installation jobs require special attention and qualified specialists. Our certified general contractors will stand by your side every step of the way and provide you with all the desired information you need to start the home renovating task. Our general contractors specialize in providing high quality solutions for room additions, concrete work, home bolting and foundation restore. You can trust on our work knowledge and feel confident when working with us.

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When you need high quality installment and restore work on your house, look no further than Contractors Pomona. Our contractors are at your service for all of your restoration tasks. We provide you with assistance every step of the way and also will promise you a stress free and relaxed repair job.

Contact us today for your house improvement projects such as kitchen remodeling or bathroom improvement. When operating with us you are not only saving on time but money as well. Our objective is to help you the right way and provide you with high quality assurance every step of the way.